Scots urged to beef up their Christmas this year

Over two million Scottish consumers will be inspired to choose Scotch Beef PGI as the perfect festive choice.

It’s part of a high-impact Christmas campaign launched this month by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).

Nine newspaper adverts aimed at enticing consumers to buy Scotch Beef PGI over the festive period will appear in key Scottish newspapers, starting on Sunday 16 December.

The press adverts will focus on inspirational ideas for using Scotch Beef for Christmas day and the whole festive period.

Over 250 Scotch Butchers Club members across the UK are also offering their customers a recently launched QMS booklet Roasting Rules: Your Guide to Roasting Plus Recipes.

his publication details how to prepare delicious Scotch Beef PGI, Scotch Lamb PGI and Specially Selected Pork roasts, a must-have when preparing a show-stopping roast over the festive period.

Carol McLaren, QMS director of marketing and communications, said the pre-Christmas push is perfectly timed to capture consumers as they embark on their big Christmas shop over the weekend before Christmas.

She explained: ‘A Scotch Beef roast is perfect for family and friends over the festive period and with a little bit of forward planning, shoppers can make their festive roast go a whole lot further by making the most of the leftovers and, in turn, maximising their shopping budget.

‘I would encourage shoppers when they are in their butcher’s shop or supermarket aisles over the next week to look for the Scotch Beef PGI logo which guarantees quality in every bite as well as world-leading quality assurance, traceability and welfare standards.’