Red Box Coffee

THE classic telephone box. Since the advent of the mobile phone, you now see communities transform them into everything from lending libraries to mini greenhouses. But since architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott introduced his now iconic red kiosk in 1924, this British institution has represented the art of conversation.

The ethos of Red Box Coffee embodies this spirit, for times when a warm cup of coffee or tea does more than simply nourish us. In fact, when Daniel Campbell first started this venture, he operated from a renovated decommissioned telephone box. Soon, his quirky popular coffee business outgrew the micro real estate, and now he and his family operate a café in the Marchmont area of Edinburgh that opened in 2015, as well as an online shop with delivery throughout the UK.

‘This is very much the reason that our founder, Daniel, came up with the theme of Red Box Coffee,’ explained Chris Dunstan, Head of Wholesale. ‘He felt that the telephone box was a symbol of communication and that it would translate directly to the power of meeting to sit and have a cuppa and a blether. And I have personally seen this very principle in action in every coffee shop I have ever been in.’

Going from strength to strength, Red Box has garnered no fewer than 15 stars from the Great Taste Awards across their range of teas and coffees, and all of their beans and teas are ethical, traceable and sustainable.

‘They are purchased at 30% above the premium market price, to help ensure that the farmers involved receive a better wage,’ Chris said. ‘There are also spot checks done on the farms to make sure that this is not a front, and that the workers and farmers are actually receiving the extra money and being treated fairly.’

Everyone has a coffee or tea lover on his or her Christmas list, so Red Box is making it easy to please with Gift Cards available in denominations ranging from £10 to £100. Browse their online shop at for a delightful selection of coffees, teas, hot chocolate, plus all the accessories you need to brew the perfect cuppa.

Daniel encourages customers to get in touch via social media or the website to share their Red Box moments or ask questions.

‘We would love to see more people home brewing and would urge anyone keen on producing really good brew at home to contact us about their purchases to get advice on how to make the best version of their coffee at home.’

While you are out and about this Christmas season, be sure to stop in to enjoy a cuppa and blether at the Red Box Café at 2-6 Spottiswoode Road in Edinburgh, EH9 1BQ, open from 8am to 5pm. You can find their products there and at Cobbs Farm Shop locations throughout Scotland.

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