Mackays add Pawprint to jam and marmalade labels

Scotland’s largest jam and marmalade maker Mackays have become the first food producer to show their commitment to climate action by adding Pawprint to their jars.

In a bid to help the nation start each day taking positive climate action there will be a QR code linking to the free Pawprint app – providing users with ‘easily digestible’ tips on tackling climate change.

The free to use Pawprint app, helps users measure, understand and reduce their carbon footprints by providing details on the carbon impact of everyday lifestyle choices as well as giving personalised tips on making planet friendlier ones.

Mackays, Scotland’s largest jam and marmalade producer, founded in 1938 has added a Pawprint descriptor and Pawprint QR code onto 1 million of its jam and marmalade jars currently in circulation.

These can be found for sale throughout the UK in Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Co-op, Booths, Ocado and Nisa and by simply scanning the QR code, shoppers will be taken straight to the free to use Pawprint app.

The Pawprint app works by asking users a series of lifestyle questions which establishes a user’s current carbon footprint. Carbon footprints are called Pawprint’s on the app in honour of Bjorn the Bear – our friendly non judgemental Polar Bear who acts as our climate guide taking users through tailored actions and habits to lower their carbon emissions…Pawprints.

As Christian Arno, founder and CEO of Pawprint, said: ‘At Pawprint we understand that tackling climate change can seem daunting and overwhelming which is why we developed the Pawprint app. The app breaks it down into manageable chunks, enabling users to understand the impact of different behavioural changes and allowing them to choose which ones suit their lifestyles.

‘Thanks to Mackays, the sight of Bjorn while eating breakfast will hopefully prompt people to choose more climate friendly actions throughout their day.’

Mackays commitment to climate change goes far beyond their labelling; they were one of the first food producers to sign up to use Pawprint for Business, our employee engagement platform encouraging their entire workforce to take action, they use locally sourced fruits to make their jams and British suppliers for their jars and labels, they reuse and recycle steam produced in the manufacturing process as hot water for the factory and offer a Cycle to Work scheme as well as moving all company cars to electric or at least hybrid vehicles.

Martin Grant, managing director of Mackays, said: ‘Low food miles has always been part of the Mackays story. Our commitment to Scottish Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackcurrants ensures low food miles and a lower carbon footprint.

‘Coupled to this local food mile ethos is our packaging supply chain, our 30 million jars, labels and trays are produced in the UK and are all fully recyclable. We are continually looking for ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and remove waste to reduce our carbon footprint.’

To find out more visit Pawprint or pick up a jar of Mackays jam or marmalade to have Bjorn join you for breakfast and spread your climate action.