Louise Aitken-Walker launches whisky 33 Years on from her FIA Ladies World Rally Championship Triumph

In the exhilarating world of rally motorsport, few names shine as brightly as Louise Aitken-Walker MBE.

Her unwavering determination, tenacity, exceptional natural driving skill and passion saw her name carved into the annals of motorsport history.

Now, 33 years on from her FIA Ladies World Rally Championship Triumph, Louise is celebrating her Scottish heritage and passion for whisky with the launch of a 33 Year Old Invergordon Single Grain Whisky.

Louise’s inspiring motoring journey is celebrated in the creation of this limited-edition whisky.

My passion for whisky is a very close second to my passion for rally driving,’ Lousie said.

‘My dad was a whisky fan, so it was always in the house, and being Scottish, well… it had to be Scotch whisky.

‘Rallying is a world I’ve always known, but all of a sudden I was invigorated by whisky.

‘To have such a good quality whisky in my name is an unbelievable and unforgettable way to celebrate this anniversary date.’

Hand-selected by Louise and David Robertson, former Master Distiller of The Macallan, the 33 Year Old single grain whisky originates from one of Louise’s favourite distilleries.

Its unique flavour, taste and attributes reflect the excitement and thrill that have shaped her extraordinary career.

Presented in a photographic led gift box, using photos from Louise’s own collection, it brings her story to life. 

Lemon gold in colour with hints of amber, the whisky has notes of tropical fruits, Crème Brule, and lemon zest with rich sweet notes of vanilla toffee and warm spice on the palette finishing with sweet vanilla and citrus fruits.

‘Being invited to collaborate with Louise was a dream and now a dram come true,’ said David.

‘She is such a bright, engaging yet complex character – much like a great whisky.  

‘When we first tasted a range of samples it was immediately clear she loved old single grain. 

‘So, the challenge was set to identify, acquire, and curate a small batch of old grain whisky distilled in the year of her crowning achievement, 1990.  

‘Luckily, I have a few contacts with access to long-forgotten “parcels” of old whisky and I hoped that the Invergordon would hit the spot.

‘We sampled a range of them and picked five casks we felt would combine well to deliver the flavour she so wanted.  It did. The dream is now realised. The dram delivered.’

Now available to order exclusively from turasdana.com.

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