Feel the love this Valentine’s Day with shellfish

Oysters are celebrated not only for their aphrodisiac qualities, but also their superior health benefits.

Ethical Shellfish Company oysters are raised in the cold clear waters of Loch Creran near Oban.

They are regularly told by their customers that they are the best they’ve ever tasted, especially when accompanied by a glass of crisp white wine.

Pacific Rock Oysters can now be sourced from the west coast of Scotland.

The old maxim that you should only eat oysters when there’s an ‘R’ in the month does not apply to Pacific or rock oysters, which are perfectly safe to eat all year round. It is true for native oysters however, as they retain their eggs within their shells whereas Pacific oysters emit them straight out to sea.

In warmer waters the Pacifics become ‘milky’ during the summer months and are not so appealing to eat. However, in Scotland our cooler summers do not encourage the Pacifics to spawn so they are tasty throughout the year. Good news for all of us!

Scottish Field columnist Guy Grieve, the company’s co-founder, visited their oyster supplier Judith Vajk last week to get a demonstration of proper shucking technique. You can watch the video HERE.

Guy said: ‘So is there any truth in the belief that they are an aphrodisiac? Well nothing has been proven… But they are rich in zinc, selenium, iron and B vitamins, which boost energy and overall health. Can’t be a bad thing!’

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