The Daal
The Daal

Distillery captures the spirit of its natural beauty

Isle of Harris Distillery’s inaugural spirit is capturing the elemental nature of the island and the maritime influences of the surrounding seas.

The Isle of Harris Distillery is one of the UK’s most remote spirit makers. The infusion of hand-dived Sugar Kelp, gathered sustainably from around the pristine shores of the Scottish Outer Hebrides, speaks of this remote island’s connection to the sea in its gin.

The distillery was the brainchild of the now Founder Director, Anderson Bakewell, connected to the island for over 50 years and anxious to address issues surrounding the fragile local economy and a declining population.

What better way to share the magic of this place, he thought, than by capturing its essence in a bottle and sending it out into the world.

The Isle of Harris Distillery is first and foremost a whisky distillery, busy creating a beautiful spirit for an Isle of
Harris dram.

True to its mission, the distillery team is made up entirely of local residents, all five distillers (and two apprentices) completely new to the industry and trained to become the first generation of Harris whisky-makers.

Their first release, ’The Hearach’, Gaelic for a person from Harris, will be a distinctive single malt, imbued with
character, complexity and balance.

As malted barley, yeast and local water, the softest of any Scottish distillery, is committed to the best ex-bourbon
casks and sherry butts, the influence ofpeople,place and environment will set this whisky apart.

This historic dram will only be released when their spirit has become a whisky that the community will be truly proud of.

While their new-make spirit matures into a single malt whisky, the inaugural Isle of Harris Gin has already become a huge success, inspiring an enthusiastic following of gin-lovers and exceeding all sales expectations.

An unusual policy of only selling directly from the distillery and its online shop enables the distillers to connect personally with customers, sharing what makes their work, and island, so special.

The Isle of Harris Distillery

Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Orris Root, Cubebs, Bitter Orange Peel, Liquorice and Cassia Bark all play their
role in defining the taste of the gin, but it is Sugar kelpthat is key to the subtle coastal notes that mark out this spirit.

The Harris Serve, recommended by distillers, is to be enjoyed neat, as a Martini, or served simply over ice.

Apothecarist Amanda Saurin has, exclusively to the Isle of Harris Distillery, distilled the essence of Outer Hebridean
Sugar kelp into an aromatic water, to be added to an Isle of Harris G&T or Martini and provide additional maritime

The award-winning bottle, designed by the Stranger & Stranger agency, captures the beauty and elemental nature
of the Isle of Harris, evoking the sands of its legendary beaches and the island’s ever-changing light. Each label is
individually flecked with fragments of copper leaf and Sugar kelp, while a simple wooden cork stopper, sealed with
the coordinates of the distillery, guarantees a product of provenance to complete the presentation.

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