Crispy duck salad with watermelon, black radish and ginger
Crispy duck salad with watermelon, black radish and ginger

Brunch at The Ivy has never been so glamorous

To many of us, the piling up of avocado on toast has become something of a weekend tradition, reserved for lazy Saturdays and sleepy Sundays – but how many pictures of poached eggs and smash avocado can one person post on Instagram?  

Anyone else getting a little tired of the norm?

Sprucing up the classic brunch and transforming it into a rather glamorous affair, The Ivy on the Square in Edinburgh has launched their DJ brunch series which is nothing short of a spectacular way to kick-start any weekend.

Lucky enough to have been invited along to the launch, we got a taste of what’s on offer. The Ivy has put together a menu featuring everything from lobster and fennel risotto to a shrimp and avocado burger, indulgent rib eye steaks to hot buttermilk pancakes with fresh berries, Greek yoghurt and strawberry sauce.

What’s more, with some of Scotland’s top DJs there to provide some in-house entertainment, it sets the tone for a rather sophisticated weekend.

My plus one and I were welcomed by Roberto Bravo, assistant restaurant manager, and his very attentive team. No sooner had we sat down in the bustling restaurant to indulge in a leisurely meal than Capital FM’s Garry Spence appeared on decks, setting a soulful atmosphere for what can only be described as the afternoon’s eat-athon.

Both unable to look past the starter of Crispy Duck Salad with toasted cashews, watermelon, beansprouts, sesame seeds, ginger and coriander, the first course set the bar high – it was filling, beautifully presented and gratifyingly rich, leaving us with the dream of recreating such deep flavours at home. (A pipe dream indeed!)

Crispy duck salad with watermelon, black radish and ginger

My plus one opted for a salmon and smoked haddock fish cake with a crushed pea and herb sauce, an outrageously perfect poached egg and baby watercress on top for the main course.

Not one to pass on the opportunity of Eggs Benedict, I chose a brunch classic – the pulled honey ham, well-seasoned hollandaise on toasted muffins (served with a mountain of chips) did not disappoint.

Salmon and smoked haddock fish cake

That said, looking greedily on to the adjacent table where a lady had ordered the buttermilk pancakes, we quickly agreed that next time we would opt for a sweet main – because what’s the weekend without a sugary, gooey, syrupy, comforting treat?

Eggs Benedict, pulled honey ham and chips

Which leads us rather fittingly on to our dessert – the gift that just kept on giving!

With a special ‘Over the Line’ pud – inspired by the ongoing Six Nations tournament – neither of us had anticipated such sheer, chocolatey brilliance. Described as ‘chocolate ganache with mint mousse, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce’, it sounded a decadent treat.

But that was before we’d broken into the rugby ball-shaped pudding to find that there was layer upon layer of surprise. Smiling like two children discovering the joy of chocolate for the first time, both my plus one and I were just about laughing it was so good.

Beneath the chocolate rugby ball filled with vanilla ice cream, beneath the mint mousse and chocolate sauce, beneath the white chocolate balls, was a deliciously sticky brownie.

Both of us self-confessed chocolate fiends, this was a truly spectacular way to end the meal.

The Six Nations inspired ‘Over the Line’ dessert that just kept on giving

Accompany your brunch with a bottle of fizz, a glass of wine, or indeed a good old cup of tea – from a silver teapot no less – and you’ll feel like the weekend has truly begun.

Adding a sophisticated touch to a weekend classic, we left feeling incredibly well fed and with big smiles on our faces. What more could you want?

To find out more visit:

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