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Brewgooder thanks the kind and jokes with cheapskates

Scottish beer brand Brewgooder congratulates or calls out customers for their support for ‘Honest Box scheme’.

Not for profit beer Brewgooder has taken to social media to praise the legends and single out the bargain-hunters on the back of their ‘Honesty Box’ Campaign.

The campaign which launched earlier this month, set out to prove how much people value making a difference by offering them the chance to buy a six pack of clean water lager for as little as one penny or as much as £100, launched by the not for profit lager which gives every penny of profit to providing clean drinking water in Africa.

The campaign has already had a brilliant response, with hundreds of packs sold. The brand is now using Twitter to congratulate or call out buyers with hilarious results.

Others have been quick to jump on the trend. The London-based social enterprise, Unwind Pop-Up Bar, promoted their free beer promo code using the hashtag: “#davidfromlondon”.

Alan Mahon, founder of Brewgooder, said: ‘Every case that we sell at retail value allows us to provide clean water access for a person in Malawi for over two years. So, the question is: what value do you put on a beer that makes that type of social impact?

‘We’re celebrating our kind-hearted fans and having a laugh along the way – which is the best way to enjoy our beer. The results so far have been incredible, and we hope to continue to attract a new range of Brewgooder drinkers that can help bring us closer to achieving our overall mission: to provide clean water to one million people across the world.’

Launched in March 2016, Brewgooder donates 100% of its profits to fund clean water and sanitation projects in developing countries. To date, it has helped over 40,000 people across Malawi gain access to clean water and plans to expand its clean water initiative into a second country, Ghana, in 2019.


By the end of next year, the brand hopes to have helped over 100,000 people gain consistent clean water access. People participating in the offer will now have the chance to ‘Drink Beer, Give Water’ and help contribute towards this ambition.

The ‘Honesty Box’ offer will run as long as the stock lasts, but buyers will be limited to one purchase per person. Purchases can only be made online here www.brewgooder.com/honestybox.