Award-winning firm launch new dairy-free ice cream

An award-winning Scots firm has launched a strawberry flavoured dairy-free ice cream, to add to their offerings this summer.

Created by Equi’s Ice Cream in Hamilton, using a unique blend of coconut oil and strawberry puree, Strictly Strawberry contains 97 calories and 3.1g of fat per 100g with no dairy products to create a creamy dairy-free alternative.

Gary Munro, operations manager, said: ‘At Equi’s Ice Cream, we’re known for our rich and creamy ice cream so ensuring we were able to offer a similar taste and texture was vital in creating our first dairy-free ice cream.

‘All new products go through rigorous quality testing. Various dairy free milk and cream substitutes have been put to the test at Equi’s HQ with most falling short at the final hurdle, which made coconut oil the best option to create the delicious final product.

‘We’ll be making Strictly Strawberry in a variety of formats including 4L Napoli tubs for scooping parlours, 2L tubs for food service and 120ml single scoop tubs for retail.’

Equi’s have been making ice cream in Hamilton since 1922. They were awarded the title of Scottish Ice Cream Champion in June.