Find out more about Scotland’s Fish Town

The penultimate episode of the TV series exploring Scotland’s fishing industry will air tonight (Monday).

Up the coast from Peterhead, new trawler Faithlie heads out to sea, skippered by one of the most experienced fishermen in the Scottish fleet, Davie Milne. It travels 120 miles from harbour to fish in Norwegian waters, trialling a new style of fishing net with the goal of catching high-priced flat fish.

It doesn’t take long for first mate Jakey and the rest of the crew to get to grips with the new technology and the nets are a success. The question for the crew is whether the prices at market will reflect the quality of the catch.

In waters off Orkney, skipper Iain Harcus is also fishing for high valued white fish on board the 22-year-old trawler, Aalskere. On an old boat there are constant repairs and the crew are put on high alert when the winches suddenly stop working and the nets are stranded in the water. It’s a setback but the boat’s engineer sets to work to fix it.

On shore in Peterhead a new scheme is underway, providing the vital skills needed to work in the fishing industry.

Teacher Gordon Gibb has five teenagers to train up, some of whom have never even eaten fish before, so he’s facing an uphill battle to get the youngsters prepared for a life at sea.

Fish Town is a Firecrest Films series for BBC One Scotland.

It will be shown on Monday, 17 February, on BBC One Scotland from 7.30–8pm.