Another look at Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital

The next episode of a look behind the scenes at a Scottish children’s hospital features more real-life stories.

Narrated by David Tennant, The Children’s Hospital goes behind-the-scenes at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital which, each year, gives life-changing treatments to thousands of boys and girls across the North of Scotland.

In the third episode of The Children’s Hospital there’s high demand in the High Dependency Unit; a toddler’s serious burn and suspected sepsis is cause for concern; and seven-year-old Shetlander Davie prepares for his last round of chemotherapy.

The Hospital’s High Dependency Unit (HDU) is full and clinical nurse manager Julie has the task of trying to fit in 10-year-old Ava who is scheduled to have an elective bladder operation. If she can’t find a bed, Ava’s operation will have to be cancelled.

Also at the HDU, 15 month old Harrison is waiting to go into surgery after pulling a boiling hot cup of coffee over himself.

In the UK, it’s estimated that on average, 110 children per day are seen in emergency departments with burn injuries. Forty six as a result of a tea or coffee spill. Harrison has been brought into the children’s hospital with suspected sepsis. Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Cumier scrubs Harrison’s burns in order to prevent the spread of further infection.

It’s estimated that 1 in 500 children will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 14. The Children’s Hospital meets 7-year-old Davie from Shetland who been staying in Aberdeen for five months while undergoing chemotherapy. His siblings and cousins have travelled from Shetland to see Davie ring the ward bell, symbolising the end of his cancer treatment.

Episode three of The Children’s Hospital will air on Wednesday, 28 August, on BBC Scotland from 8-8.30pm.