New approved list from the British Game Alliance

A list of assured shoots and agents is now live on the British Game Alliance website.

When people are looking to go shooting, they want to ensure they are supporting the best practice in British game, which the Alliance encourages.

Nearly 100 shoots have joined over the last month – demonstrating to others that they are investing in the future of the game market whilst adhering to high standards.

While many shoots may have their own secure markets, the Alliance says their membership to the BGA shows their understanding of the need to invest on behalf of the industry as a whole.

They are pleased to welcome both small and large shoots to the BGA as our subscription is designed to cater for all.

Managing director of the British Game Alliance, Tom Adams said: ‘The BGA is excited to reveal the initial list of assured shoots and agents. It has been a long road to get here but the BGA is going from strength to strength.

‘It is a step in the right direction that shoots are realising that we can self-regulate. We cannot continue as the only unregulated food-producing sector, let’s move with the times whilst we can and show willing to raise and maintain standards within the shooting world.

‘We look forward to welcoming more shoots to the BGA.’

Click HERE for the full list.

Meanwhile, the BGA has announced the appointment of two new members to its board.

Charlie McVeigh, chairman of Citigroup’s Investment Banking and Simon Chantler, founder of Meadow Foods are the newest members to the board. They join Alan Beynon, founder of St David’s Vets and chairman Ivan Shenkman, Founder of PSL Food Group.

The BGA is privileged to have a board made up of passionate and experienced personnel who have given a lot of their time pro-bona to ensure the BGA meets its objectives in securing a sustainable future for the shooting community

Tom Adams added: ‘The BGA is pleased to welcome Charlie McVeigh and Simon Chantler to the BGA board. They both bring a wealth of business acumen matched with a passion for shooting which will help ensure that the BGA delivers on its aims.

‘I want to thank the BGA board members for devoting so much of their time. We hope the shooting community can continue to support the BGA in its goals of securing the game market and bringing in effective self-regulation.’