A relaxing new facial workout at Escape Medispa

Baby, it’s cold outside. Battling the wintry weather takes its toll on mind and body. So, an invitation to try out Jovena’s new FACESTIM treatment at Escape Medispa just outside Edinburgh was most welcome.

This was my second visit to Escape Medispa by Linlithgow, so I knew that a treatment here came without the stress of worrying about parking. The setting is calm and the welcome is warm as I fill in a medical form ahead of my treatment.

Jacqui Fenner set up Escape Medispa in 2021 after many years of working in the industry across the world and in Edinburgh. She introduces me to Jovena’s FACESTIM and Fractional Plasma machine, Escape Medispa is the first clinic in Scotland to have the device, so trying it out is very exciting. It all looks very hi-tech, but essentially the FACESTIM treatment is designed to aid skin regeneration using a combination of radio waves and muscle stimulation.

The aim is to provide a lifting and elevating effect, making wrinkles less obvious, without surgery and with no downtime. Relaxing in the warmth of the treatment room Jacqui thoroughly cleanses my face before beginning the first part of the treatment, which involves a gentle pulse of radio frequencies delivered by the handpiece, with a lovely warming effect on the skin. We’ve chatted at length about areas of concern, so that Jacqui can target these during the treatment.

The device then stimulates the facial muscles, reaching deep down below the skin’s top layers to help tighten loose skin, restore volume and tone muscles. This part of the treatment feels slightly odd as it makes your facial muscles contract as it stimulates them, but the sensation isn’t unpleasant and it’s certainly been chalked down as one of the most relaxing muscle workouts I’ve ever experienced.

Jovena’s FACESTIM is designed to benefit the eyebrow area, mid-face, nasolabial folds and the jawline and neck and a course of four treatments is recommended to give the best results. However, I can certainly see a positive effect around my eyebrow area, and my skin undoubtedly feels firmer, smoother and more hydrated post-treatment.

Escape Medispa is offering Scottish Field readers £100 off a course of four Jovena FACESTIM treatments when they are booked together by the end of June 2024, bringing the cost down from £695 to £595. A single treatment costs £195.

Escape Medispa, Pardovan Holdings, Linlithgow EH49 7RX
Tel: 0131 235 2825


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