From the Evil Within by Stuart McAlpine Miller
From the Evil Within by Stuart McAlpine Miller

Scots artist creates new Harry Potter paintings

Scottish contemporary artist Stuart McAlpine Miller has launched his latest body of work, Revelations: A Portrait of Magic.

This is a highly anticipated collection of eleven original paintings based on the artist’s fine art interpretation of literary favourite, Harry Potter.

Depicting characters from the much-loved and enduringly popular wizarding world, including the famous trio of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, these unique and complex paintings have been six years in the making with the final painting, which was ‘Towards a Powerful Conclusion’ with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, finished in 2020. Each painting took on average four to six months to complete.

Revelations: A Portrait of Magic conveys the powerful and immemorial message of ‘good against evil’, whilst simultaneously challenging whether such a polarised dichotomy can indeed exist. Created in Stuart’s signature abstract style, the art harnesses the power of bold colours and multi-layered imagery to deliver a narrative as compelling as that which inspired the original works, and illustrate popular Harry Potter characters in a new, darker light with portraits such as ‘A Complex Nature’, ‘Hypnotic Reveal’ and ‘Towards a Powerful Conclusion’ representing visual interpretations of the Harry Potter stories at their finest.

The original oils on canvas paintings, which are 50inches by 46inches, are currently on display at Birmingham’s prestigious International Convention Centre.

From the Evil Within by Stuart McAlpine Miller

They are on sale, with price on application, through Castle Fine Art galleries nationwide and online, with a percentage of every sale being directly donated to Lumos Foundation a charity that fights for every child’s right to a family by transforming care systems around the world.

A series of framed limited edition prints and Hand Embellished Authentics of each original are also now available for sale direct from the artist. These are all signed by Stuart McAlpine Miller and come with a certificate of authentication. A collection of merchandise – including posters, cards and a charity T-shirt amongst others – based on the originals will be released over the coming year following the launch of the limited-edition prints. A percentage of every sale of Stuart’s limited edition prints and authentics will also be donated to Lumos.

Stuart McAlpine Miller said: ‘I’ve long admired J.K. Rowling’s work as a cultural phenomenon, iconic and inspiring for so many generations so it was an easy decision to collaborate on this collection with Warner Brothers.

‘If you take my most recent work, Lost Lives// Split Personalities, which draws on the complex behavioural changes induced by music. Human behaviours change as we learn to adapt to new situations and we often take on a different persona by way of a coping mechanism.

‘Revelations draws a parallel in a sense with this ethos by focusing on each of the main personalities of the Harry Potter characters drawing out their two sides, both good versus evil is represented with the more complex layers of their characters suggested on canvas. Each one is a portrait of the Harry Potter collective featuring a prominent character, if you look closely behind the characters, the body of Harry Potter is reflected in the layers.

Stuart McAlpine Miller’s Strength in Numbers

‘I’m really proud of this work, it’s a new way for an adult audience to access and experience a darker interpretation of the Harry Potter works which will appeal to many age groups.’

The paintings in the series are: A Complex Nature (Harry Potter); Hypnotic Reveal (Prof. Severus Snape); Split Personality (Hermione Granger); The Tower (Harry Potter); Where the Darkness Resides (Ron Weasley); From the Evil Within (Draco Malfoy); The Hand of Wisdom (Prof. Albus Dumbledore); The Birth of Hope (Hermione Granger); Spellbound in Motion (Bellatrix Lestrange); Towards a Powerful Conclusion (Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley); and
Strength in Numbers (Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley).

Find out more about Stuart McAlpine Miller and to view the Revelations: A Portrait of Magic collection visit HERE.

Born in Ayrshire, Stuart graduated in 1990 and was also shortlisted for the Provost Award at Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museums in 1996. Currently exhibiting with new editions to his Lost Lives// Split Personalities collection at the Kimpton Charlotte Square Hotel in Edinburgh, Stuart will be taking this work on a tour of other hotel properties. He was also the artist-in-residence at The Savoy Hotel, London.