Heatwave uncovers garden design dating back 150 years at Inveraray Castle

A garden design which dates back more than 150 years has been uncovered at Inveraray Castle during the recent heatwave.

The previous landscape design, which forms part of the castle’s formal gardens in Argyll, revealed itself during the dry weather.

It is the first time that the current generation of the Argyll family has seen the design on the formal lawn, but records of it can be found in archives dating as far back as 1871.

‘It’s a very interesting find, and we are still looking into it to see what else we can come across,’ said castle manager, Conor Harkins.

‘Our gardens have been drying out substantially for the last few weeks with very little rainfall.

‘We do not have sprinklers and let the garden adapt naturally to the changing weather we are experiencing. This was a consequence of doing so.

Credit: Friends of the Argyll Papers at Inveraray Castle

‘The design started on the right-hand lawn, we think because it is slightly uphill to the left side.

‘In the photos taken from the air, you can see a faint outline on the left-hand lawn also.

‘We have had a little rainfall now and the dampness has returned in the air, so I suspect the design will start to fade slowly from now.’

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