Duo-Chao-Sheng Ho 何肇昇5(2)

Fringe Review: Taiwan Season – Duo

Megan Amato reviews Duo from the Taiwan Season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

SOME dance productions are so emotionally charged and physically exacting that they move your heart in a way that makes you feel incredibly lonely despite your relationship status. This is one of said productions.

Taiwan Season’s Duo is just as it states on the tin – a dance between two people. The scene opens with a domestic moment of folding laundry, a single strung light illuminating the actors on the simple set as they start to playfully fight over a clothes hanger.

The way the two dancers move together is electrifying; you can feel their chemistry in your erratic pulse as you watch from your seat. It also felt natural despite the major height difference between the two as they moved their bodies in a tender dance that made even the mundaneness of a relationship beautiful; from domestic bliss to a couple’s boredom to passionate fights, their story was eloquently demonstrated through every powerful movement of their bodies.

The beauty in their performance was not only emotionally stimulating however, as I was also left awed by their delivery. The technical skill and precision of their every movement was phenomenal. The coordination, dexterity and collaboration between the two dancers as they moved as one on stage was visible through every moment they parted and came together in jumps and leaps in positions that seem impossible to us mere mortals. The tender slow moments of coming together just as precise as the tension filled moments of their push and pull.

A simple yet visually and emotionally stunning performance that you feel through every nerve in your body.


Find out more about the show at https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/taiwan-season-duo

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