Fringe Review: Six Chick Flicks…

Richard Bath reviews Six Chick Flicks…Or a Legally Blonde Pretty Woman Dirty Danced on the Beaches While Writing a Notebook on the Titanic.

The premise of this parody is that two wisecracking sassy young women take the piss out of six iconic chick flicks: Titanic, Legally Blonde, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Beaches and The Notebook. In this they succeed admirably; the script is tightly crafted, full of wit and wisecracks that had the (overwhelmingly female) audience crying with laughter.

As exactly the sort of ‘old CIS white dude’ that androgynous actor KK Apple railed against in borderline tedious fashion at one stage, I clearly wasn’t the target demographic for this show, as the fact that the audience was 90% women clearly indicated. But even so, it was funny, irreverent and stuffed with clever jokes and just the right amount of bawdiness.

Both actors, KK Apple and Kerry Ipema (of One Woman Sex and the City fame), exuded an almost manic energy which made the hour fly by, with each film getting a ten-minute going-over. If you’re not familiar with the films (I haven’t seen The Notebook and last saw Beaches a decade ago in the wee sma’ hours after coming in from the pub) then the in-jokes inevitably lose their punch, but overall this was a thoroughly enjoyable girl’s night out.


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