Football, male mental health and friendship at the Tron

Glasgow’s Tron Theatre Company is set to stage a production about football, men’s mental health and male friendship.

Being performed from February 17 until March 5, the first Tron production of their new spring-summer 2022 season will be Renfrew-born actor, writer and director Eilidh Loan’s Moorcroft, a piece that they supported at the development stage during lockdown after Eilidh used an excerpt from it to audition as part of the Tron’s open casting call early in 2021.

Garry’s turned 50 but doesn’t feel like celebrating. Exhausted from years spent wrapped in regret, he begins to relive ‘the glory days’ trying to understand his mistakes, answer questions and right some wrongs in a bid to make peace with his past and find renewed purpose. Inspired by true stories, Moorcroft follows a group of young lads in search of an escape from their working class lives. But can playing football save them from the challenges they face and make them the men they want to be?

Eilidh said: ‘I have been on a journey with Moorcroft for over seven years. It’s been more than just writing a play for me. It’s been years of pinning down exactly what I wanted to say about this world and why it mattered. It’s brought me closer to my dad. It’s changed his view on the world we live in, started vital conversations about mental health and helped him find a sense of purpose. That’s what I set out to achieve.’

Martin Docherty (Outlander, River City, Gary Tank Commander) will take on the role of Eilidh’s dad Garry and will be joined by Sean Connor, Kyle Gardiner, Ryan Hunter, Martin Quinn, Jatinder Singh Randhawa and Santino Smith as the pals he gets together for a kick-about. Moorcroft will be designed by Carys Hobbs, with lighting design by Michaella Fee and sound design by Gary Cameron.

With true friendship and the tenacity of working class people at its heart, Moorcroft will tackle toxic masculinity in Scotland, asking ‘what is a real man?’

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