Edinburgh cinema holding dog-friendly screenings of Wes Anderson film

An Edinburgh cinema is to hold dog-friendly screenings with pooches even getting their own blankets.

Cameo Picturehouse has two special screenings of Asteroid City for people who want to take along their four legged friends to the cinema with them. 

The film, by Wes Anderson, will be shown on 1 July at 11am and 2 July at 11.15am.

Staff said they will leave the lighting levels a little higher than usual during the screening and lower the volume of the soundtrack. 

The cinema’s website said: ‘We are happy for you to bring your dog along to this special dog-friendly screening.

‘Before the screening there are a few things to consider: If you attend this screening with a dog, you’ll be issued with a fleece blanket to cover the seat used by the dog or to use as a rug if the dog sits on the floor. 

‘During the screenings, we will provide bowls of water around the screen.’

Tickets for the limited-space event are now live via the website here.

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