Disabled Access Day highlights a pressing need

Award-winning Disabled Access Day is championing Changing Places Toilets ahead of its next campaign.

Run by the team behind the popular review website Euan’s Guide, Disabled Access Day is the biannual event that brings together venues and their disabled visitors in the spirit of trying something new.

With less than six months to go, submissions are officially open for Disabled Access Day 2019 and venues are invited to submit their expressions of interest for the event on Saturday 16 March next year.

Disabled people, their families and friends who wish to take part are also asked to sign-up on the Disabled Access Day website to be kept informed of the events which will be happening in various locations on the day.

With October traditionally marking the launch of the campaign, Disabled Access Day founder Paul Ralph has announced his vision for 2019.

Paul said: ‘Disabled Access Day continues to encourage and excite disabled people and businesses with the opportunity to try something new in a spirit of cooperation, safety and fun. For 2019, I call out to people to try something new and send a review. Leave a legacy for folk who may want to visit after you.

‘It’s knowing those baseline details about access that are the deal breakers for so many people.’

The event, which has amassed a popularity beyond expectations, is returning to its grassroots ideology. In 2019, participating venues are asked to have a Changing Places Toilet or be in close proximity to one.

Changing Places Toilets have a toilet, basin, ceiling hoist and adult sized changing table with space for a wheelchair user and carers.

Participating venues will be required to list on Euan’s Guide and their event should align with the spirit of Disabled Access Day by being out of the ordinary and different from their everyday offering.

Support for Changing Places Toilets has been welcomed by Disabled Access Day’s official partner, Barclays, and the event’s sponsor Sandcastle Waterpark, the UK’s largest indoor waterpark and home of the country’s most popular Changing Places Toilet (The Changing Places People’s Choice Award, 2018).

If you’d like to take part either as a venue holding an event or a person attending Disabled Access Day, you can sign up on the Disabled Access Day website today. Venues have until Friday 14 December to sign-up and submit their expressions of interest.

Sign up by visiting www.disabledaccessday.com/get-involved.