Check out these hidden haunted hotspots around Scotland

The spooky season is upon us and what better place to experience than Scotland with eerie castles, misty landscapes and ghostly tales.

Check out VisitScotland’s list of Scotland’s top hidden haunted hotspots.  



In Edinburgh, the Paranormal Activity Database documents an astounding 106 instances of supernatural occurrences since records began. 

Established in the 1560s, Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh has become a fixture in ghostlore, with graveyards being notorious for harboring an array of spirits. 

The paranormal activity documented in the database includes a haunting tale of restless spirits, tormented by the mistreatment they endured in life, who are now seeking retribution from the living.  

There have also been numerous reports of George MacKenzie, known as the MacKenzie Poltergeist, that supposedly haunts Greyfriars Kirkyard. 

Once a merciless persecutor of the Scottish Covenanters in the 17th century, his spirit was reportedly unleashed in 1999 when a homeless intruder disturbed his final resting place- the Black Mausoleum.  

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Greyfriars Kirkyard. Credit: VisitScotland / Kenny Lam



Glasgow is the city of supernatural allure, from the grandeur of Glasgow Cathedral to the mysterious depths of the Necropolis.  

While Pitt the phantom may be a literary creation by Scottish poet Brian Whittingham, the Mitchell Library in Glasgow has left its own spectral imprint on the minds of its staff. 

With its imposing Victorian architecture and vast collections, it possesses an ambiance that can transform into an unexpectedly eerie experience.  

There have been tales of inexplicable icy chills that send shivers down spines, particularly on the library’s enigmatic second floor. 

Beyond the realms of Whittingham’s imagination, the reported encounters with unexplained phenomena add an extra layer of ghostly intrigue to this renowned library in the heart of Scotland. 

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If you’re in search of ghostly encounters, a visit to Perth Theatre is a must.

Legend has it that a grey woman, dressed in period attire and emanating the scent of aged tobacco smoke, wanders the hallowed halls. 

Perth Theatre, Horsecross. Credit: VisitScotland / Kenny Lam

Adding to the eerie ambiance, there are even reports of a chilling photograph capturing a misty grey figure on a balcony, silently observing some workers carrying out restorations below. 

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Aberdeen Arts Centre, an independent arts venue, makes its mark among haunted places, with whispers of a lingering maid on the old top floor and supernatural sightings along the corridors. 

Among the chilling narratives, the Green Room is probably the scariest where reports suggest the existence of a floating face.  

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Stirling exudes a mysterious ambiance, steeped in centuries of history and tales of the supernatural including at The Tollbooth. 

It might be a popular music venue, but according to the database, there’s been multiple ghost sightings there.

As the site of a former jail, the database notes that former prisoner, Allan Mair supposedly roams the building today still dressed in his jail uniform. 

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Verdant Works. Credit: VisitScotland / Kenny Lam


Dundee’s Verdant Works, known as Scotland’s Jute Museum, stands as a haunting hotspot with many a scary tale that include reports of staff and visitors hearing the sound of phantom footsteps, a lady in grey clothing, a child’s handprints appearing on surfaces around the building and the sound of machinery in an otherwise empty factory. 

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Inverness offers a captivating blend of Highland charm and mystique, perfect to immerse yourself in Scotland’s ghostly tales and supernatural folklore. 

The Eden Court Theatre in Inverness. Credit: VisitScotland / Kenny Lam

At Eden Court Theatre there has been multiple hauntings that have supposedly occurred: an usher, who was alone at the time, reported feeling a strong tug on her shirt collar; technicians reported witnessing strange ghostly figures standing in the auditorium; and even a small child was seen standing in the wings during a performance. 

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Dunfermline’s rich history, with its ancient abbey, centuries-old royal connections, and atmospheric cobbled streets, provides a hauntingly promising backdrop for those eager to embark on a ghost-hunting experience.  

The Alhambra Theatre being a particularly common ghostly hotspot, with a mysterious figure draped in black has been seen traversing the aisles. 

The two leading theories for who the figure is include an Italian actress, rumored to have met her demise in a fall during the 1920s, or a lingering monk from the theater’s enigmatic past. 

The spooky vibes extend to the old projection room, where visitors recount unsettling sensations, adding an extra layer of haunted mystique to this historic venue. 

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