Black Axe Throwing Co: A stress busting night to remember

With deadline day past, the Scottish Field team were looking for a stress-buster… Cue Edinburgh’s first-ever axe-throwing experience, Black Axe Throwing Co. 

WHEN it comes to writing a resumé, certain desirable attributes spring to mind.

Good communication, efficiency, positivity, and the ability to problem solve are crucial skills in any line of work. Happily, my wonderful Scottish Field colleagues have these in spades.

What I didn’t know, however, was that my colleague (SF‘s design whizz, Grant Dickie) has another, more unusual string to his bow: axe-throwing.

I know what you’re thinking. Unless Grant is looking to apply for a Viking role in an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster, this ‘ability to yield an axe’ is an unlikely prerequisite for a CV. It was nonetheless seriously impressive watching him land shot after shot on target at Edinburgh’s Black Axe Throwing, the city’s first-ever axe-throwing experience, during our latest team night out.

The Scottish Field team putting their axe-yielding skills to the test.


‘It can’t be that difficult,’ I thought, as I stepped forward, axe aloft. After all, we had just been prepped by two expert axe-throwing tutors, Brendan and Jack.

Their first top tip for becoming a champion? Check your distance from the target. (Tick).

The second? Throw straight and throw slowly. (Got it).

Lastly? Celebrate. Even if your axe bounces off the wall, the cage, or lands in the sawdust, bonus points are given for enthusiasm. (This I can get on board with).

Feeling confident about channelling my inner Thor, I lunged forward, pirouetted, then launched forth my chosen weapon with gusto. In spite of my efforts, though, my axe landed with an unforgiving thud a good metre away from the target. I did win those bonus points for artistic flair though…

Axe-throwers, are you ready?

It was the perfect antidote to a busy deadline week. All of us (eventually) landed a few bullseyes, and as Grant showed us one last ‘trick throw’, we retired to Black Axe Throwing’s bar to toast a successful evening.

But this is a bar with a difference. Edinburgh’s Black Axe venue, which first opened its doors in 2018, is home to the UK’s largest designated alcohol-free bar and boasts a range of over 40 beers. Among them is Scotland’s only woman-owned non-alcoholic brewing company, Jump Ship Brewing. Edinburgh’s non-alcoholic spirit, Talonmore – a spirit that is said to have been inspired by the city’s historic charm, natural surroundings and festival spirit – is another that jostles for position in Black Axe’s fridges.

Black Axe Throwing is home to the UK’s largest designated alcohol-free bar.


While some of us need to practice our axe-throwing aim, there is little doubt that this is an excellent stress-busting night out. If you’re looking to challenge your friends, family, or colleagues and enjoy a little healthy rivalry, this is certainly the place to be.

 There are now Black Axe Throwing venues across the UK, including in Belfast, Lancaster and Margate. Find out more about Black Axe Throwing on their WEBSITE

27 Beaverhall Road, Edinburgh EH7 4JE.