Get your hands on our fantastic free whisky app

Are you a whisky fan who lives in Scotland? Or, are you coming to visit Scotland to dip into drams this year?

Thankfully, Scottish Field has the perfect companion to help you discover all that is good and great about our national drink, in the form of our Cask & Still app.

Many whisky and spirits experts and writers aren’t based in Scotland and it shows because they don’t really know the local scene. We, on the other hand, are based here, we drink here, and we live and breathe this stuff – we are the insiders who know the best bars, can tell you about obscure little drinking holes whose identity is fiercely protected by locals, and who can spot the rip-off tourist-traps and charlatans at a hundred paces.

If you want to know what’s what in the Scottish whisky and spirits scene, then stick with us. We want to democratise the world of drams and nips, and have made it our mission to share our unrivalled knowledge of Scottish whiskies, gins and rums with our community of the drink curious. We sup in these bars, and we spend our hard-earned cash in these shops, so if you want to know the best places to visit, drink, nose, taste and purchase your favourite spirits, then our app is all you need.

We’ve set out to provide you with the ultimate pocket guide on Scotland’s national drink, with trails covering some of our favourite parts of Scotland, and beyond. It’s stuffed full of useful information, recommendations based on personal experience, handy tips, easy-to-use maps and directions – all available at the touch of a button.

We’ve enlisted the help of Scotland’s top experts – Scotland-based whisky and gin writers, top distillers, elite mixologists and the magazine’s own booze-hound staff members – to put together a roster of iconic bars and amazing locations. Exploring Scotland’s whisky landscape is all about the journey, and we aim to ensure that each step of the way is accompanied by surprises and revelations, and maybe some new friends too.

And the best thing is that we’ll keep updating the App, adding stellar new destinations and removing any that don’t maintain the high standards we demand.

Scottish Field’s John Boyle said: ‘The app is designed to plan out your own journey and whisky trail throughout Scotland. It’s for people with an affiliation or love of whisky and gin, and want to find out the best distilleries, visitor centre experiences, bars, hotels and retail shops.

‘You can do the whole journey with our app – starting from watching it being made in the distillery, to finding the best shops to buy it. It’s all there at the touch of a button.

‘We’ve got two trails which are live at the moment, in Edinburgh and Speyside, with another 10 to come live over over the coming months, so we should have all 12 live later this year.

‘The best thing is, it’s completely free, and available for all Android and Apple phones.

‘This is a new, user friendly and innovative way to find your way around Scottish whisky and gin.’

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