The secrets of Leith revealed in new publication

Leith, often overlooked today, has had an exciting and prominent part to play in Scottish history.

Secret Leith gives a visual walkthrough of the burgh, describing in intricate detail the history behind the then major port and industrial area, providing the reader with an insight into the civil wars and production past. Gillon uses early sources, with a mix of old and new images to give a fresh view on Leith, and uncover lesser known details to the reader.

For those interested in Edinburgh’s history, and how Leith played a part in it, Secret Leith will give an insight into the thriving past: from airports to mutiny, Leith has seen it all. Step by step, the reader is walked through Leith’s complex history, and made to feel as though they are reliving it with the accompaniment of vivid photos and sketches from each time in history

Jack Gillon, being a local author and historian, is able to review aspects that others may not, having an added sense of exactly what it is like to live in Leith, and how it is always constantly changing. This account is overflowing with fascinating history, and is perfect for anyone planning a visit, or just interested in, the secret past of Leith.

Secret Leith, by Jack Gillon, published by Amberley Publishing, £14.99.

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