The climbing ambitions of Hamish MacInnes

Few names are as synonymous with the British climbing scene as that of MacInnes.

A trailblazing Scot from Gatehouse of Fleet known as ‘The Fox of Glencoe’, he took on solo yomps up The Matterhorn, attempted to scale Everest four times, survived an avalanche, invented lifesaving climbing equipment including an all-metal ice axe and a rescue stretcher, and wrote a pioneering handbook on mountain rescues.

He was fearless, and his tales of derring-do fill this tome’s 366 pages, while the remarkable accompanying images show the rudimentary climbing equipment he once had to contend with.

The stakes were high, but if this book shows one thing it’s that danger never got in the way of The Fox’s adventure.

Truly inspiring.

The Fox of Glencoe, by Hamish MacInnes, edited by Deziree Wilson, published by Scottish Mountaineering Press, £30.

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