The battle of Culloden – from a new angle

The battle at Culloden Moor, the last pitched land battle on mainland Britain, is one of the most famous, and gruesome battles in our history and yet few authors focus on the battle itself.

Instead they choose to write about the aftermath and the legends surrounding the infamous battle.

Stuart Reid redresses that balance with Culloden 1746, a commendably in-depth and accessible account of the battle itself.

Described in vivid detail, Reid incorporates the latest historical and archaelogical findings in such a way that is easy to follow and even easier to get lost in the story.

Reid is well-known for his wide range of successful military books and Culloden 1746 does not disappoint. Graphic and well-written, Reid invites readers to delve into the battle itself.

Culloden 1746, by Stuart Reid, published by Pen & Sword, £14.99

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