Myths and legends from Scotland put in focus

One of my favourite features of mythology and folk tales is the ability to pinpoint the land that they originate from by examining the geography, history and local customs to be found in each piece.

Angus, an underrated region of Scotland in my very humble opinion, is put on display through tales of wolves and banshees running rampant over stunning glens, of revenge and drummer-boy spirits guarding keeps in the Valley of Strathmore, of kelpies, dwarves and giants lurking along the coastline and rivers, of fed-up broonies in the city and of ghosts haunting the stately Glamis Castle.

I would recommend reading this collection with a map nearby, so that you may trace the region as you read each diverting and sometimes eerie tale. An absolute delight for the couch folklorist, geographer and historian that lives within us all.

Angus Folk Tales, by Erin Farley, published by The History Press, £12.

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