Loss, trauma and familial relationships

Haunted by the disappearance of 13-year-old Lindsay Mathieson, a family is forced to deal with another crisis 30 years later.

I felt drawn into this story right from the beginning as author Moira Forsyth manages to breathe life into her characters within the first few chapters.

Faced with loss and the resulting trauma Forsyth examines how familial relationships are tested and often broken as each of the characters finds their own (sometimes destructive) coping mechanisms.

Switching between the timelines of the central characters, Forsyth gives the reader a deep insight into how their personalities have been shaped by the events in their lives, offering a sense of relatability and understanding.

Forsyth successfully captures how everyday lives can be transformed by tragedy.

Waiting for Lindsay, by Moira Forsyth, published by Sandstone Press, £8.99.

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