Keeping Scots fairytales alive for children

The Dragon Stoorworm is a traditional Scottish tale beautifully retold for younger readers.

We learn that the Dragon Stoorworm was the very first, very worst dragon that ever lived. It was ginormous: almost as big as the whole of Scotland!

The King of Scotland called for warriors to defeat the terrible dragon and save his daughter, the Princess Gemdelovely, from being eaten. But none who faced the dragon ever returned, until…

Gentle Assipattle is no warrior, but maybe together, he and Princess Gemdelovely can free Scotland from the wrath of the Dragon Stoorworm.

A lively retelling of the traditional Scottish folk tale of the Dragon Stoorworm (or Mester Stoor Worm), which explains the origins of Scotland’s many islands, adapted for a young audience.

Award-winning author Theresa Breslin’s story unfolds with wry humour while Matthew Land’s magical illustrations capture the fairy-tale beauty of Scotland.

A great way to ensure that stories such as this don’t die out.

The Dragon Stoorworm, retold by Theresa Breslin, published by Floris Books, £5.99.

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