Former policeman uses his eye to write new novel

Peter Ritchie uses his past experience gained from a career as a senior police officer to write this crime fiction novel with astonishing authenticity and intrigue.

The book has such character and charm that it makes the life of crime seem almost appealing, if it weren’t for the violence, illegality and constant paranoia that accompanies it…

Ritchie’s characterisation is outstanding and gripping from the outset. He writes from diff erent points of view which helps to give an all-round understanding of the story.

The plot thickens through unexpected twists and turns and endless deceptions, making the reader question who to trust.

Although this book is the fifth in the series, I needed no previous knowledge of the others to enjoy and appreciate the story.

Our Little Secrets, by Peter Ritchie, published by Black and White, £8.99.

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