Discover the Jacobites from outside of Scotland

When contemplating the subject of the Jacobites, thoughts turn to Bonnie Prince Charlie, Culloden and more recently, the hunky but fictional Jamie Fraser from Outlander.

What many people – historians included – have often failed to consider is that not all Jacobites were Scottish.

In this book Desmond Seward attempts to reveal a much more comprehensive narrative by exploring the Jacobites and their sympathisers in England, Ireland, Europe and even revolutionary America.

Seward writes from the Jacobite perspective to better understand this group and their motivations. Seward’s detailed descriptions of the Princes, Princesses, Kings and Queens create a sense of theatre and allow the reader to fully immerse themselves in the dramatic events of the period.

The fast pace and avoidance of convoluted sentences and language make this book an engaging and easy read, perfect for emerging history buffs.

The King over the Water, by Desmond Seward, published by Birlinn, £25.

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