Celebrating the Gaelic experience

A forgotten and marginalised culture, the Gaelic experience is exposed as it was, is and all it might be.

Written in both English and Gaelic, Shore to Shore, is an anthology of Gaelic raps, secular poems and aphorisms artistically and vividly bringing the Gaelic world to life.

Descendants of Gaels now reside in every corner of the globe and, by commissioning literature from leading Gaelic writers, MacNeil displays a  multifaceted perspective of the world and accomplishes a truly inspiring, heartfelt and provocative portrayal of Gaelic culture.

Contributors include lumiaries such as Donald S. Murray, Aonghas MacNeacail and Mairead Bennett, as well as MacNeil himself.

The author asserts that the human condition is self-evident in every culture in the world. Through a hugely varied collection of Gaelic literature, he
succeeds in proving precisely that.

Struileag: Shore to Shore (Cladach gu Cladach), edited by Kevin MacNeil, published by Polygon Books, £9.99.

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