Brookmyre’s latest thriller is a Cut above the rest

Dark humour and jittering suspense underlines the twisting narrative of Chris Brookmyre’s latest thriller.

Expertly crafted, our unconventional characters Millicent and Jerry narrate us through their turbulent lives.

Scarred by and scared of the world around her, we are introduced to Millicent, who has spent 25 years in jail for murder, but who is now newly freed and in her seventies.

Before her conviction, Millicent worked as a make-up artist, painting death and gore onto actors in horror films.

Then there’s Jerry; a fresher film student who doesn’t exactly fit in. Jerry’s hobbies include horror films, death metal and stealing.

The two meet and form a peculiar friendship. What ensues is a sticky web of mysteries crafted with masterly precision. Brookmyre captivates the reader with his characters and compels you to read on.

The ending is all it should be and more. I could not put this stomach lurching, zig-zagging triumph of a thriller down.

If political Scottish escapism and psychological thrillers are your thing, then this one’s for you.

The Cut, by Chris Brookmyre, published by Little, Brown, £18.99.

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