Broken rules, lost money and customers violated

The fall of Royal Bank of Scotland in 2008 was arguably one of the most disastrous events within the world of finance in more than 50 years.

Ian Fraser recalls where it all went wrong for one of the biggest money making businesses that came just hours away from complete collapse.

Fraser asks how and if the bank can ever regain the trust of its customers and questions whether or not we have seen the worst of the fall out.

The award winning journalist, commentator and broadcaster has had work published in top newspapers such as The Financial Times and The Guardian as well as presenting the BBC documentary ‘RBS: The Bank That Ran Out of Money’.

Using his extensive knowledge and passion for this subject, he creates a brutal yet accurate analysis of the catastrophed.

Fraser also looks in detail at financial leaders such as RBS chief executive Fred Goodwin, who once was hugely admired and respected but is now vilified and is the subject of endless of criticism for the collapse.

Fraser uncovers the brutal truth behind the scandal as more and more shocking details continue to be leaked; a compelling and aggravating account like no other.

Shredded, by Ian Fraser, published by Birlinn, £25.

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