Book review: The Clyde – Mapping The River

‘The River Clyde, the wonderful Clyde/ The name of it thrills me and fills me with pride,’ – so goes the old song.

John Moore’s history of what is arguably Scotland’s most important river is a fascinating insight into the history of the waterway, from the bonnie banks to the shipyards.

Illustrated with beautifully reproduced maps, the book follows the course of the Clyde from high in the hills of South Lanarkshire until it joins the sea.

The Clyde – Mapping The River, by John Moore

Moore’s research has been thorough, and it pays off with an engaging read. Of particular interest are plans that show the battery at Fort Matilda above Greenock, as well as the maps of the River Clyde which were used by the Luftwaffe and German Naval High Command.

Absolutely engrossing.

The Clyde – Mapping The River, by John Moore, £30, published by Birlinn
Scottish Field rating: ****