An exciting thriller with clever plot twists

The body of a woman is found bludgeoned and dumped in the water of Loch Lomond, while Iain Fraser of Helensburgh, who put her there, is living with his guilt.

Nearby, DI Alex Morrow and her team have been shadowing a woman they believe to be involved in drug smuggling, but she disappears without a trace leaving her partner and two children.

And a familiar face returns to sort her deceased mother’s estate, despite her passing more than two years before.

In this gripping crime story, the police hunt a killer amid rising tensions in the sleepy town of Helensburgh. While hiding the blood on his hands, all Iain has to do is continue to lie. The engrossing tale of murder, corruption and lies not only focuses on the personal, but also the political landscape.

Mina’s intricate descriptions of Glasgow’s criminal underworld are compelling and hard-hitting. She writes with a series of exciting plot twists and nail-biting cliff hangers, successfully creating a book that is almost impossible to put down.

Blood, Salt, Water, by Denise Mina, published by Orion, £14.99.

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