An exciting novel set in the 14th century

Based on events in fourteenth century Scotland, The Raid Into Angus is a novel about Robert de Atholia and Duncan Stewart.

Both were both Gaelic warriors whose clans have a grudge against Sir Drugo Lindsay, a Norman knight with extensive lands in Angus Province.

But, Stewart also carries with him extra baggage as he is still distraught over the recent death of his wife and daughter and a chance meeting with de Atholia’s granddaughter, Bethoc, while planning the raid addles him by stirring emotions bottled up deep within him.

A small, lightly armed raiding party storms into Angus looking for Lindsay. But, he is nowhere to be found.

The capture of a strange holy man and a young orphan girl, called Agnes, further agitates Stewart. Eventually, Lindsay is detected in the south of Angus Province plotting with other nobles to usurp the fragile Scottish throne.

Lindsay and his supporters are forced to abandon their scheming to repel the invasion. The raiders and Lindsay are now set to clash and the winner will decide the outcome of the raid and the fate of the throne of Scotland. If Stewart survives will he confront his ensnared emotions?

An exciting story that will keep readers hooked until the end.

The Raid into Angus, by Loarn Robertson, published by Createspace Independent, £7.24.

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