An engrossing tribute to the River Truim

This is a meandering love letter comprised of thoughts, anecdotes, recollections and folklore, both those passed down through generations and those still unfolding.

Terence Clifford-Amos follows in the footsteps of John Inglis Hall’s beloved book about the River Truim, How to Fish in a Highland Stream.

You can feel the regard that Clifford-Amos holds for the land through his stunning and almost fanciful descriptions and prose of his surroundings.

‘To sit here beneath the shade of the trees and listen to the gushing, echoing flow bridge, is always rare, magical and unforgettable,’ he writes.

A well-written, insightful and surprisingly engaging read – even for those of us who aren’t angling for their next fishing spot.

Highland Stream: A Love Affair Continued, by Terence Clifford-Amos, published by Medlar Press, £25.

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