The return of Sherlock Holmes – in a special collection

Life is returning to normal following the COVID years, but what has been a constant during this time is our love of books.

People have turned to much-loved authors and in particular crime books and this high level of interest is continuing.

Sherlock Holmes remains a fascinating and enduring character in the history of British crime writing and the retelling of the stories through blockbuster films and award winning TV series is a testament to this.

Created by Scotsman Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, Holmes first appeared in print in 1887’s A Study in Scarlet. A host of cases appeared until 1927, three years before Conan-Doyle’s death, eventually totalling four novels and 56 short stories.

Mike Bryan, director of publishers Baker Street Press, takes up the story: ‘There has always been a high level of interest in the ‘consulting detective’ and we felt the time was right to launch the Sherlock Holmes Deluxe Classics Series.

‘This collection of nine hardback books is a retro-inspired full set of Arthur Conan Doyle’s wonderful tales of Holmes at work.

‘Originally serialised in newspapers and magazines in the late nineteenth century, Conan Doyle’s famous collection of detective stories transport the reader back to Holmes’s bustling Victorian London, the misty moors of Dartmoor, the dizzying heights of the Reichenbach Falls and the cosy living room of 221B Baker Street,’ he added.

‘They feature the original cover illustrations from editions of the 1920’s, and would enhance anybody’s bookshelves,’ concluded Bryan.

Ian Bennett, head of the Sherlock Society, said: ‘I am blown away by the quality and our members will be dazzled by this. I have all kinds of variety in my Sherlockian collection, but I can say without doubt, these are the finest I have seen.’

Launched by Baker Street publishers, the complete Sherlock Holmes Deluxe Classics collection of nine books is available from Waterstones and all good bookshops, or buy direct for home delivery from HERE.