A new take on the Battle of Bannockburn

In Scotland, history and politics often become entangled.

For some, the past is a source of inspiration for the future. For others, it becomes a salutary lesson in what mistakes to avoid.

The one thing Scottish history is not is dead, fit only for scholars and schoolchildren.

The Battle of Bannockburn (23-24 June, 1314) was a turning point in history, for the English as well as the Scots. This medieval battle helped define the political landscape of Britain. For many Scots this seminal moment from their past has become a patriotic talisman, even though the romantic myths which surround it have all but obscured what really happened.

This landmark study is a clear and compelling account of Bannockburn, without political spin, tartan-clad embellishments or dry academic obfuscation.

Renowned historian Angus Konstam looks back on undoubtedly one of the most important battles in Scottish history.

Bannockburn: Scotland’s Greatest Battle for Independence, by Angus Konstam, publised by Aurum Press, £18.99.

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