A fascinating insight into a privileged socialist

The Burning Glass tells the fascinating story of Naomi Mitchison, a dedicated socialist and feminist who attacked life with an insatiable energy and a desire to speak out for the needs of others.

Born into privilege in Edinburgh in 1897, she died aged 101 having given birth to seven children, travelled the world and campaigned tirelessly for feminist causes.

Her marriage to eventual Labour MP Dick Mitchison, while committed, was open to sexual freedom and her bohemian views prompted her to spend more time at her Carradale home, distanced from London society.

A compulsive writer, she penned over 90 books including novels The Corn King and The Bull Calves, as well as important journalistic works.

Jenni Calder captures the essence of this extraordinary woman in an engrossing biography, introducing her to the reader through her varied personas against the backdrop of the 20th century.

The Burning Glass, by Jenni Calder, published by Sandstone Press, £9.99.

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