A family’s history captured on film since 1840

The Lindsays of Balcarres spans a century of photographs from an ancient Scottish family.

The book began with the rediscovery of some old dusty photograph albums one wet afternoon at the home of the author’s late father in Fife.

The photographs, which begin at the birth of photography in the 1840s, unravel a family narrative of leisure pursuits, weddings, industrialisation, portraits and voyages.

Accompanied by memoirs and detailed archival research, the collection is more than just a family’s memories, offering an important glimpse into the nation’s social history through the story of one aristocratic family.

Although an interesting tale of a colourful family whose roots can be traced back to the time of Charlemagne, the book will appeal to a rather niche audience.

The Lindsays of Balcarres, by Ludovic Lindsay, published by Pimpernel Press, £60.

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