A celebration of Scotland’s monuments

Many of us walk or drive past the same monuments or memorials every single day.

But how much, if anything, do we really know about the people behind them?

At first glance I wasn’t sure how exciting Scotland Remembered would prove to be.

Meighan has put together an extensive list of the monuments and memorials found all over the country, accompanied by detailed but succinct background stories of how and why these structures came to be.

The language he uses is easy to follow and cuts through the academic jargon often found in historical accounts.

Beginning with Scotland’s most ancient monuments and covering the Jacobites, heroes of literature, culture, science and exploration through to natural and manmade disasters, it didn’t take very long for me to be fully immersed in this book.

The accompanying images – which also include additional illustrations and photographs – left me feeling inspired to see many of these monuments for myself.

Scotland Remembered, by Michael Meighan, published by Amberley Publishing, £14.99.

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