Cask and Still Magazine Issue 1

Cask & Still’s debut issue features Game of Thrones actor Clive Russell sharing his love of whisky.

The Fifer – who played Blackfish Tully in the hit series – talks about his home area, life, love and Lagavulin.

We feature the inside stories behind six new artisan distillers,

In our The Rant column, Andy Byers explains why Jim Murray’s whisky ‘bible’ makes for great kindling, asking what gives him the right to declare the best whiskies in the world each year.

We look at whisky bars of the world each edition, and start with Zurich’s wonderful Widder Bar and it spirit library.

Our international travels continue as we meet Bill Lark and discover the burgeoning Tasmanian whisky industry, and find our more about the fall of whisky expers to China.

Our six of the best column takes a look at six long summer cocktails from the Devil’s Advocate.

There’s more to whisky casks than just holding a dram to maturity, as we find out how Robbie Red turns used ones into rocking chairs.

With the rise in bloggers, we ask if these masters of malt as as big an expert as they claim to be.

Our bluffer’s guide this issue features the art of nosing whisky, telling you all you need to know about sniffing a dram.

Our whisky hero this issue is the boffin who aims to run cars on distillery waste.

Columnist Dr Brooke Magnanti – blogger Belle de Jour – shares her love of gin, as our experts choose their top drams in our Connoisseur’s Choice.

In beer, Chris Miller talks about taking Scottish craft beers to Asia.

We conclude with a malt mission to Columbia and meet the hombre turning Latin America onto single malts.

This issue was originally published in May 2015.

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