Time is of the essence at Fringe production

A show that will take the audience back and forth in time is coming to the Fringe.

To Move In Time is a monologue written by Tim Etchells for performer and collaborator Tyrone Huggins, in which an unnamed protagonist speculates playfully about what he’d do if he were able to travel backwards and forwards in time.

From fantasies of changing the present, to obsessions with everyday events in the past, to dreaming up ways to get rich from knowledge of the future, the text is an unfolding compulsive thought process.

In the end though, far from the science fiction of time travel it is ostensibly working with, To Move In Time concerns itself with questions of value and priority – what matters, what needs to be cared for and what can be changed.

An obsessive stream of consciousness tangled and contradictory, the work combines Etchells’ text with Huggins’ powerful performance to walk a line between comic absurdity and melancholia.

Forced Entertainment artistic director Tim Etchells said: ‘We are thrilled to be heading to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer with To Move In Time, our collaboration with the amazing performer Tyrone Huggins.

‘An obsessive stream of consciousness, funny and poignant, this piece is a spiral of ideas about time travel and the values and priorities we have when we think about changing the world.’

Venue: Summerhall

Dates: 19-24 August

Details: https://www.summerhall.co.uk/summerhall-performance-programme/summerhall-festival-fringe/