SPECTRA’s world premiere of Six Frames by Illuminos

SPECTRA, Scotland’s festival of light, will present the world premiere of a brand-new installation from Illuminos: Six Frames next month.

Drawing inspiration from six repeating stanzas of Sheena Blackhall’s poem Twa Brigs Bussie, the installation brings audiences along for the journey, recreating the very same route described in the poem, from Brig o Dee to Music Haa to Justice Coort and beyond.

Taking place as part of Spectra, running from the 10-13 February this year, the iconic backdrop of Marischal College will be brought to life through a blend of cascading rhythmic imagery utilising timeless principles of early animation, flick books and the art of visual projection.

The pulsing, whirring, humming trundle of the Doric dialect runs deep through the internal language of the work, making it feel undeniably at home on the streets of Aberdeen.

Illuminos are brothers Matt and Rob Vale, who for over 10 years have been creating visually inventive, memorable projection artworks and experiences. Their works range from very large scale illumination to small scale imagery, but always working to create something unique and specific to location and viewer.

Illuminos have worked internationally on high profile events, from Les Troyens for Lyric Opera, Chicago, US, to the 2017 Capital of Culture closing ceremony with Walk The Plank in Paphos, Cyprus, and created a vast chocolate factory for City of the Unexpected -the city wide centenary celebrations of Roald Dahl in Cardiff, but this will be the first time they bring their work to Scotland.

Councillor Jenny Laing, Aberdeen City Council leader, said: ‘With Spectra just a couple of weeks away now, we’re incredibly proud to showcase the work of Illuminos who have created this fantastic interpretation inspired by the poetry of Sheena Blackhall. Sheena has been writing about north-east Scotland for decades, often writing in doric and capturing the humour as well as the beauty of this part of the country. I’m sure this will be one of the highlights of the festival, and we’re delighted they’ve chosen the dramatic architecture of Marischal College as their canvas.’

Spectra is Scotland’s festival of light taking place each February in Aberdeen. Part of the North East’s vibrant, year-round calendar of cultural events, Spectra lights up the winter nights with breath-taking installations, giving locals and tourist alike the perfect opportunity to discover the city in a new way.

The Spectra website will share more information on the installations and how to enjoy them and will include all new commissioned pieces of writing in full. Whether travelling into the city centre with family or travelling from Dundee, Perth or Edinburgh with friends visit www.spectrafestival.co.uk