The Dalmore 30 Year Old (box)

Limited edition 30-year-old Dalmore is £4500 from Harrods

The Dalmore Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is introducing an annual, limited-edition 30 Year Old, which will offer whisky lovers the opportunity to indulge year after year.

Aged in rare 30 Year Old Tawny Port pipes from celebrated independent winemaker Graham’s, The Dalmore 30 Year Old 2021 Edition marks the first release of a new annual bottling, representing an exceptional whisky designed to be enjoyed, year after year.

With just 1318 bottles available globally, the 2021 Edition whisky started life in American white oak ex-bourbon casks before being transferred into exceptionally rare Graham’s 30 Year Old Tawny Port Pipes, until ready to be bottled. The Tawny Port Pipes work in harmony with The Dalmore’s characteristic house style to create a truly exceptional 30 Year Old Single Malt to deliver a gorgeously mellow whisky with a long finish.

In a tribute to its rarity and the mastery involved in its creation, the limited release is presented in a stunning framed case to provide a fitting tribute to the masterpiece within.

Whisky maker Gregg Glass explained: ‘This new annual release, although instantly collectable, is intended for whisky fans seeking the finest Scotch whisky to enjoy every year and we’re proud that it is a celebration of our longstanding relationship with Graham’s Port.

‘The Dalmore 30 Year Old 2021 Edition is the result of our shared patience and dedication to craftsmanship over more than 180 years, creating an exceptional Single Malt which is divinely decadent with every drop.’

Charles Symington, Head Winemaker for Graham’s, added: ‘It’s wonderful to see this series come to life with the launch of The Dalmore 30 Year Old. Our rare 30 Year Old Tawny Port is an exceptional liquid that we are tremendously proud of and its complex palate works beautifully with The Dalmore’s whisky to create something truly special.’

As the inaugural 30 Year Old, the 2021 Edition offers the chance for avid whisky lovers to begin a journey of collecting this annual release, savouring each new addition over 12 months before adding the next bottle to their collection.

With an ABV of 42.8%, The Dalmore 30 Year Old 2021 Edition promises decadently sweet aromas of freshly baked brioche and candied orange, followed by a palate packed with rich forest fruits imparted by the Tawny Port Pipes, finished with aromas of vanilla and shaved almonds.

The Dalmore 30 Year Old 2021 Edition is available from Harrods with an RRP of £4500.