Leading professor looks at Scottish serial killers

World renowned Scots criminologist Professor David Wilson is to delve into the country’s Crime Files, exploring the cases which fascinate with a range of respected contributors.

Each episode of the new BBC Scotland TV series conducts an in-depth investigation into both historic and contemporary crime cases as Professor Wilson interviews professionals who combat crime – high profile lawyers, pathologists, frontline police as well as some of the nation’s most notorious criminals.

Themes covered in the series include serial killers, heists, gangs, miscarriage of justice, disposal of the body and crimes of passion, amongst others.

David Wilson is Professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University. Born in Clackmannanshire, David studied at the University of Glasgow.

At the age of 29 he became the youngest prison Governor in England, working at Grendon, Wormwood Scrubs and at Woodhill in Milton Keynes where he designed and ran the two units for 12 of the most violent prisoners in the country.

Over his career, David has advised on numerous live murder investigations and trains Senior Investigating Officer (SOIs) on murder inquiries.

In this first episode, Professor Wilson investigates the phenomenon of the Scottish serial killer.

He said: ‘Serial killers inhabit our imagination as alien “others”. As monsters different to the likes of you and me. But as the old saying goes, the devil hides in plain sight. In my experience, that phrase is never more apt than when describing serial killers.’

Crime Files considers the cases of serial killers including Peter Manuel, Peter Tobin and debates the true identity of Bible John.

Professor Wilson meets acclaimed criminal lawyer Donald Findlay QC who has made a career out of defending those accused of murder; speaks to author and co-founder of the Bloody Scotland fiction festival, Alex Gray; and discusses the mystery surrounding killer Bible John with crime reporter Jane Hamilton.

Investigative journalist, Fiona Walker steps back in time, revisiting 1950s Glasgow and a sensational trial of a serial killer that shocked the nation – Peter Manuel.

Crime Files is a new 10 part series starting on Sunday, 21 July, on BBC Scotland from 9-10pm.