Glenfiddich’s release to mark Chinese New Year

Glenfiddich has announced the final edition in the Rlon Wang-designed series trilogy of Chinese New Year gift packs.

All embracing the occasion in celestial style, the latest release completes a trilogy of thought-provoking stories told throughout each box’s design.

Beginning with an epic journey to bring the Speyside Scotch whisky to the world, the tale continues with the magnificent telling of the triumphant return home with magical and wonderous stories to share. Following is the grand finale, an awe-inspiring imagining of what we ask when we finally reach home after any great adventure.

The luxury limited-edition Glenfiddich Gran Reserva Lunar New Year gift pack, features a unique and iconic design by rising star illustrator Rlon Wang.

Showcasing the iconic stag as the centrepiece, said to encapsulate the sentiments of wealth, prosperity and longevity, the gift pack revolves around a bright galaxy complete with auspicious lanterns, lotus flowers and a soaring phoenix guiding the Stag and the traditional dancing Chinese lion into a vibrant world full of galactic proportions.

The Glenfiddich Gran Reserva Lunar New Year Gift Pack will be available to purchase from Clink* , as well as select luxury spirits retailers including Selfridges, Harrods, The Whisky Shop, Speciality Drinks and Master of Malt for £150.