Start your year with this tasty beef cheeks recipe

A tasty start to the year is in store with this tasty recipe for slow cooked Scotch Beef PGI cheeks with skirlie, glazed carrots and Bovril potatoes.

Edinburgh chef Scott Smith, has joined the team behind Make It Scotch.

Scott, chef owner of Fhior restaurant in Edinburgh, has created an inspiring dish of slow cooked Scotch Beef PGI cheeks with skirlie, champagne glazed carrots and Bovril potatoes.

Scott said: ‘I want my recipe to encourage people to try something different from the norm.

‘It would also work well with alternative beef cuts such as featherblade and parts like the skirlie can be tweaked to suit ingredients people prefer.

Lesley Cameron, director of marketing and communications at Quality Meat Scotland, the organisation that promotes Scotch Beef PGI, Scotch Lamb PGI and Specially Selected Pork, added: ‘This festive season, we want people to make it extra special by choosing an alternative type of meat, such as Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb or Specially Selected Pork from quality-assured farms that adopt best practice in animal welfare and production methods.

‘Scott’s recipe is a perfect chance to celebrate the world class Scotch Beef we have in Scotland.’

The potatoes can be prepared and cooked in the oven at the same time as the cheeks. These can then be put back into the oven at 210C before serving to reheat and crisp up the top. If you are unable to get beef cheeks, then the recipe can be replaced with beef featherblade. Increase the cooking time by 1 hour for this.

The beef can be cooked the day before to save time. If you do this, then don’t reduce your final sauce when removing from the oven. Chill the whole casserole down and store the beef in the cooking liquid to finish on the day.